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We believe in building communities through leadership in management.

A Victorian based Management firm specializing in managing a large portfolio of buildings both large and small around Greater Melbourne.

We recognize that by being locally based, there is a distinct logistical advantage in being able to offer that onsite assistance that can be a real benefit to all Owners Corporations.

The team of licensed managers, with diverse professional backgrounds, recognize the importance of continuous professional development and their professional standards through accreditation by the peak body governing the industry, Strata Community Australia.


Platinum Strata Community Management believe that Strata Management is not just about managing buildings but about leadership in building communities.

Fostering Community Spirit

Our managers believe strongly in the reality of building a neighborhood and that it is empowered to create and enhance the right community spirit together with a sense of well-being among individuals within.

Platinum Strata Community Management believe that through a well-planned concerted effort, strata building communities would be a means of achieving:

  • Social justice
  • Community well-being
  • And achieving a positive impact on otherwise disconnected individuals.

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