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Escalate Your Concerns through Our New 24/7 Platinum Customer Service Department

We would like to be sincere in recognizing the seriousness of maintaining a superior service standards in all aspects of your Owners Corporation. Unlike any other industry sector Platinum  strategy is our commitment to solving any ALL issues that remained unresolved.

Understanding your experience with Platinum and its team is important to us and will help us to improve our service levels.

How your concerns are investigated?

As soon as we receive your concern either through the online concierge, directly via Customer Service email or on the service hotline. You will receive acknowledgment from us that your communication has been recorded and be provided with a reference number to assist in tracking your issue.

Our customer relations officer who will be directly responsible for keeping you up to date on the progress of your concern. They will contact you to discuss further if agreeable to you for more information.

How long will it all take?

Platinum wishes to address your concern immediately and if the circumstances are not favourable to resolve your concern within 2 working days. You will still be updated of the progress by a representative our senior management team.

Authorisation and Privacy

Please rest assured that unless otherwise notified. We intend to maintain your privacy as a part of Customer Service Policy. Ths is authorized and directly under the guidance of the managing director of Platinum.

How to lodge your concern?

By Email


By phone
Calling Customer Relations Manager direct on 0407 452 559

By mail

c/o Customer Relations Manager
Platinum Strata Community Management
PO Box 23266, Docklands, VIC 8012


We also want to be proactive about solving ALL your concerns and obtaining your feedback from time to time.

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