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Our managers have worked with many of the largest property developers in Victoria. They have helped them to grow by providing assistance not only at pre-construction stages of any project. Also developing strategies to build their image long after the completion of those projects.

Our speciality extends beyond setting up and managing Owners Corporations from high rise residential estates, commercial properties with mix use to master planned estates. It’s all about empowering developers fulfil their legal requirements when establishing an Owners Corporation by observing best industry guidelines.

We would like to become part of your team through the development company from the very beginning to the end. We are also able to provide advice and consultancy on all aspects of setting up a development that can be considered seriously complex.

With years of experience, we can foresee strata management related complications from the proposed plan of subdivision if not designed intuitively with utmost foresight.

The managers would prefer to work with the land surveyors in relation to providing insight in designing plans of subdivision and to work with the property marketing agents/developers in providing assistance in:

  • Drafting budgets
  • Draft levy schedules
  • Preparation of draft rules
  • Owners Corporations Certificates
  • Owners Corporation Agreements etc.

Above all, setting up of Owners Corporation with Multiple OCs can be very complex. Due to our man power, Platinum boasts being able to set up or establish of any type of Owners corporation with the following:

  • Budgets
  • Property manuals
  • Web portals
  • Books
  • Records
  • Move-in-procedures
  • and Administrative procedures in accordance with legislation within 48 hours regardless of the size.

Protecting Developer Goodwill

It is important to note that the initial owner (the developer) is in control of the majority of the Owners Corporation, for a while, from the registration of the plan of subdivision.

Accordingly, we will protect the goodwill of the developer by working together long after the end of construction phase.  The following legal obligations would be observed in all areas to;

  • act honestly, in good faith and with due care and diligence in the interests of the owners corporation
  • Take all reasonable steps to enforce any domestic building contract that affects the Owners Corporation.

We believe also that the proactive role of the Strata Manager to help enhance the reputation of the developer by working together to protect the fruits of their labour. The Strata Property which is now in the hands of the Owners Corporation.

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