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Smart Block

About Smart Blocks

Is helping apartment owners and managers across Australia to improve building efficiency and cut energy bills.

Created specifically for apartment buildings, Smart Blocks provides an interactive online toolkit that will help you discover energy improvements for common areas and guide you through the steps of getting strata projects approved. Wether it’s upgrading hallway lighting, installing solar panels or looking for new ways to cut owners corporation electricity bills, Smart Blocks can help. Even better, Smart Blocks is totally free.

This program was developed through a partnership between Strata Community Australia, City of Sydney, City of Melbourne and Owners Corporation Network of Australia.

Visit to get started or talk to your Platinum Strata manager.

Special offerings for buildings in the City of Melbourne

Apartment buildings are increasingly part of our cityscape. There is a convenience that comes from apartment living but there are also some challenges and unique needs. In recognition of this, the City of Melbourne is helping owners corporations access:

  • Walk-through energy assessment of your buildings common areas
  • Basic solar feasibility analysis and solar supplier recommendations
  • $3,00 rebates for common area efficient lighting upgrades and solar installations
  • And provide free over-the-phone technical advice

For more information please contact Amy Brand at City of Melbourne.

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