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Sustainable gardening in the city

The Sustainable Gardening in the City of Melbourne booklet gives you practical advice on gardening in private spaces found in our municipality, such as roof tops, balconies and smaller front and back yards.

The City of Melbourne’s draft Urban Forest Strategy sets an ambitious vision for growing our future urban forest i.e. the sum of all urban vegetation in the municipality. As part of this 20 year plan, the City of Melbourne recognises the importance of private realm vegetation. In helping our city face the challenges of:
  • Climate change
  • Population growth
  • Urban heat island effects
  • Improved human health and well being.

We hope that this resource encourages you to green up spaces in your private realm; at the same time you will be making a significant contribution to Melbourne’s urban forest.

Download the booklet – Sustainable gardening in the city:

Sustainable Gardening


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