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Facility Management

Building Facility Management

Facilities management

At Platinum, our online integrated concierge portal provides online tracking system of all activities around the building/property which helps identify recurring issues.

Benchmarked Property Services specialists provide for 24/7 Emergency Property Maintenance.

The strata management industry is complex, and any Emergency services deployed to a property requires to take appropriate command of the situation at hand including the need for qualifications in the building and construction industry and understanding of OH&S regulations.

It also requires a thorough understanding of Strata legislation including experience within the strata industry.

Contracted facilities management consultants have been engaged exclusively in the owner’s corporation industry.

From the moment our customers notify the contractor, an individual claims manager is allocated to manage the process.


Areas to be investigated regularly by the Building Manager;

  • water damage to the ceiling and ceiling patches from previous leaks including mould Remove mould from external finishes and
  • internal and external walls, render, cornice and roof tiles for cracks and
  • boundary fencing for slight lean or collapse and
  • eaves for water damaged most likely caused from blocked gutters and
  • external doors for jamming caused by swelling and
  • gutters, down pipe and gutters for leaks during the rain and
  • rust stains on concrete, sign of concrete cancer and
  • seals around windows, meter box, and external doors.
  • loose external balustrades, cladding, weatherboards, decking etc.
  • eroded mortar between bricks, grout to external tiles
  • any cracks in fences which may be asbestos
  • termite damage to any untreated timber
  • sinking pavers and oil spillage for trip hazards
  • Lubricate sliding doors and windows, gate hinges / latches.
  • Clean window stills and thresholds, aluminium finishes and coatings to windows and door frames and Clean anodized aluminium.
  • Replace external light bulbs especially the hard to get to lights.
  • Clear drains and sumps, flush small drains if possible
  • Remove trees from behind retaining walls, Clear trees, plant growth over the roofs or close to overhead electrical wires in your property

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