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Platinum’s Experience with Embedded Networks Systems

Embedded networks are common in among strata titled buildings such as shopping centres, commercial buildings, retirement villages and residential developments.

If you are the developer or the Owners Corporation of a multi-tenanted building or property estate then you are able to on-sell energy to your tenants/occupants. Tenants/occupants benefit through cheaper energy and gas bills and owners/managers benefit through additional revenue streams from the management of the building. Embedded networks facilitate the companies like energy on-selling process whereby energy is purchased at a discount at the gate meter and sold to the tenants within the network, again at a discounted rate

Simply put, embedded networks are established to physically aggregate the energy consumed within the entire complex to a single metered point through the substation in the gate meter. Sub-meters measure tenants’ and common area consumption using the latest in smart interval metering technology.

Even though, the Owners Corporations are not required to hold a licence to sell or distribute energy, Platinum can help comply with the relevant obligations in industry codes that the Essential Services Commission (ESC) and the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) administer.

Embedded networks commonly involve the following key participants:

  • These consumers have selected to purchase electricity from either the embedded network or from the national market via a registered energy retailer.
  • Common Area – these meters record the energy consumed for public light and power and any mechanical services.
  • Meter – one or sometimes multiple meters record the total energy consumed within the embedded network.

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