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Community Management

Strata Community Management

Finance & Accounts Management

We believe in the use of advance strata accounting information management systems to comply with the relevant state legislation and regulations. At Platinum, our clients do not have to wait for the AGM to receive the final accounts. Instead, they can download or view all sorts of reports online 24/7 and that’s control.

When it comes to levy payments, we have all types of state of the art payment systems such DEFT payment systems.

Administrative Management

At Platinum, we always recommend getting competitive insurance quotations for the benefit of all Owners Corporations. Our managers are qualified as authorised representatives can handle all:

  • Insurance claims and lodgements
  • Insurance renewal
  • Obtain and insurance valuation from a qualified valuer where necessary.

In accordance with the relevant state legislation and regulations, we believe in maintaining records using the state-of-the-art cloud based Document Management System. This guarantees safety and expediency of data retrieval and storage. That means, making significant cost saving for Owners Corporations in comparison with conventional archiving.

Our managers will convene and attend all General Meetings and most Committee meetings as instructed by the Owners Corporation at a time and place convenient to our members.

Having a thorough knowledge of the:

  • Legislation
  • Regulations
  • Rules

ensures we can assist in achieving a harmonious environment within your strata community. Our managers are able to provide assistance in mediating disputes within your property.

Supplier Management

At Platinum, we have been able to benchmark the best when it comes to establishing relationships with a wide range of professional service providers including

  • Solicitors firms specialising in strata law
  • Auditing firms
  • Various engineering firms
  • Other trades companies etc.

With our Supplier management portal within our system, not only we are able to update accreditation/insurance records monitoring but also able establish KPIs to gauge performance and for the purpose of quality assurance.

Maintaining & Improving Common Property

The Owners Corporation may make significant alterations to the use or appearance of its common property if the alterations are listed in the

  • Maintenance plan
  • Approved by special resolution at a general meeting
  • Composed of works for the upgrading, renovating or improving of the common property.

The estimated total cost is double annual total fees, or the works require a planning building permit a special resolution should be obtained.

Only certain alterations which can be reasonably believed to be required to be done immediately to ensure

  • Safety
  • To prevent significant loss or damage

These can be approved through a ordinary resolution or by the committee may suffice.

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