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We live by the Platinum Rule – “Treat others the way they want to be treated”

  • Being based locally here in many suburbs around Victoria, we are quintessentially Victoria.
  • We believe in the benefit of having the depth of local knowledge. A logistical advantage in managing complex Strata properties with onsite assistance.
  • Being specialised with the appropriate credentials in managing complex Strata Properties
  • We believe that the key to successful strata management is to have the most experienced team of trained professionals along with qualified support staff.
  • Being driven to achieve Service & Process efficiencies on par with the rest of world
  • Taking the advantage of performance enhancing advanced computer systems and online platforms.
  • We believe that it is the Strata Management Company’s responsibility is to take the lead to help build that Community spirit together.
  • This with a sense of well-being among individuals within the neighbourhood through a program of training while encouraging volunteer community participation.
  • 24 x 7 access through a comprehensive Online Concierge to access in to all
    • Your resources
    • To keep in touch with key personal on online capacity.

That means you can limit the number of calls on your interactions not only with your management team but also with other stake holders including supplier/support services.

After Hours Emergencies

How about handling after hour emergencies issues with having that added convenience of being able to use any

  • computer devices
  • Smart phones, public or personal?
  • We believe in strategic business partnering and Networking with industry experts in practically all areas including
    • Strata legislation
    • Insurance
    • Occupational Health & Safety
    • Engineering Baking etc.
  • And with their in-house presence as it were, we can become truly resourceful by providing expert strata advice mostly on pro bono capacity.
  • Promoting sustainable energy saving tools such as “Smart Blocks” program for the benefit of Strata Buildings.

(“Smart Blocks” is project developed by and in partnership between Strata Community Australia, City of Melbourne, Owners Corporation Network of Australia and Green Strata).

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